Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams

Ennis, TX, is home to the Family Care Clinic, directed by Dr. Laws, who takes pride in the personal care afforded to each of our patients. Our doctor is highly experienced, with over 25 years of family practice, and is skilled, licensed, and ready to meet and care for the residents in the community he serves. Dr. Laws advocates wellness exams for children and adults and is here today to explain why. 

What is a Wellness Exam?

A periodic wellness exam for children or adults is a preventative measure to help you avoid impending health issues before they take hold in your body.  We use wellness exams at Family Care Clinic in Ennis, TX, to prevent illness and disease by identifying the subtle signs and symptoms of illness before they become serious health issues.  

Why wait until disease or illness signs and symptoms happen? Why not catch these problems and stop them in the early stages before they can make you ill? 

Child wellness visits differ a bit according to age. Children enter milestones during their growth and development phases from birth to 21 years. Our doctor monitors your child's progress and compares them to most children in their age group to determine if they are behind, meeting, or ahead of most children their age. Each milestone brings skill sets that we look for your child to meet accordingly. 

Annual wellness exams for children and adults contain many of the same components, such as listed below. Each patient's wellness exam depends on age, gender, lifestyle, and risk factors.

What Does the Doctor Do at a Wellness Exam?

    • Check the patient’s height and weight.
    • Listen to lung sounds, heart patterns, and the abdomen.
    • Review family and personal medical history.
    • Review current medications, their effectiveness, and side effects.
    • Review allergies, recent illnesses, falls, surgeries, accidents, and hospitalizations.
    • Evaluate health risks such as obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure and create a prevention plan.
    • Review mental, emotional, functional, and cognitive health.
    • Order needed X-rays, tests, and health screenings.
    • Recommend proper referrals to specialty doctors and therapists.
    • Review stress levels, fitness, and signs and symptoms of depression.
    • Review immunization records and provide age-appropriate vaccinations. 

A wellness exam performed by family doctors is essential to your highest level of health and wellness and are a big part of preventive healthcare for children and adults. Call Dr. Laws today at 972-875-6700 at Family Care Clinic in Ennis, TX, to schedule your wellness exam. 

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