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ADD: Myth vs Fact

Myth: ADD/ADHD is simply a problem of being hyperactive or not listening when someone is talking to you.
Fact: ADD/ADHD is a complex disorder that involves impairments in focus, motivation, organization, memory, and functions of the brain’s management abilities.

Myth: ADD/ADHD is a behavior problem. Children with ADD/ADHD just don’t listen or try to sit still.
Fact: Many with ADD/ADHD have few behavior problems. Many people are undiagnosed because they do not exhibit hyperactivity. Chronic inattention problems cause severe and long lasting problems for learning and relationships.

Myth: Children who have ADD/ADHD usually outgrow it as teens.
Fact: Often ADD/ADHD impairments are not noticeable until the teen years when more self-management is required in school and elsewhere. ADD/ADHD may be subtle, but more disabling during adolescence than in childhood


We offer a plethora of videos and guides for dealing with and embracing ADD and ADHD. Please watch and read through any of these free resources to help better your life.

ADHD Toolkit for all Ages

The “Inside ADHD Toolkit” Contains useful documents to help you and your child throughout the school year.

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Watch these videos to learn how you can deal with ADD for the best

Power points for ADD and ADHD

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