ADD and ADHD – Approaching Disorders Differently

Dr. Laws has a special interest in the treatment of ADD and ADHD not only for the children, but for the adults as well. If your child is struggling in school, has low grades or is spending too much time doing homework, let us help you. We will be glad to discuss medical treatment as well as alternative treatment modalities.

How We Approach Disorders Differently

The Family Care Clinic for ADD/ADHD treats both child and adult ADD/ADHD. We work with the patient individually to help with their personal ADD/ADHD struggles in every area of their lives.

School: No matter what level of education, learning to use the proper study skills to utilize the right-brained learning style of an ADD/ADHD student makes a tremendous difference in learning and remembering the material. This also takes away a lot of frustration for the student and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Quote from a parent of a college student after being treated by Dr. Laws for his ADHD.

“We would like to thank you so much for what you have done for our son. The changes have been, frankly, startling. His attitude and demeanor have taken a 180 degree turn. He has always been a good kid but his frustration and struggles with his school work have always been a deep source of pain for him and it feels like he has been liberated from a prison. We have noticed a radical difference in his approach toward school and life and it seems like he is genuinely optimistic about where life will take him, whereas before he was facing his future with a sense of dread.”

Home: We work with the family, no matter what age the patient is, to create an understanding of how an ADD/ADHD brain works. The use of time management and organizational skills will make a positive difference at home and at work.

Most of the families we see initially are angry and frustrated with one another. Dr. Laws takes the time to explain the way an ADHD brain works and how to approach the family member with ADHD in a way that relieves stress on everyone involved, whether it be discipline for a child, homework challenges, a couple’s communication issues, or the misunderstandings that so often come from an inaccurate interpretation of someone’s motives and thoughts. It’s amazing to see the difference in family dynamics after a few months of treatment and counseling.

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