Virtual Visit

Virtual Visits are for ADHD and Anxiety/Depression visits only!

PLEASE NOTE: Doxy Me works with CHROME or FIREFOX only.

Step 1:   An hour before your appointment, go to and enter you name. Click on the “pre-call test” button on the left. This will ensure your microphone and camera are turned on.

Step 2:   Ten minutes before your appointment, call our office at 972-875-6700 and select option 2 when the machine comes on to check in with the receptionist. They will take your payment and send you a link to login if you are not already signed in.

Step 3:   The nurse will log in to ask you the screening questions.

Step 4:   Dr. Laws will log in for your visit.

Prescriptions will be electronically sent to your pharmacy.

Patient Portal

Here are the instructions for patients to enroll online and make appointments:

Step 1: Ask the receptionist at Dr. Laws’ office to send you an invitation to the patient portal.
Step 2: You will receive an email from Practice Fusion with instructions for accessing the records online
Step 3: You can register by using one of the following methods:

 A. Using the temporary PIN provided to you by the receptionist 

 B. Or using your phone number recorded by the doctor.

Once you’ve registered you can access your health records or schedule appointments.

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