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Virtual Visits
  Doxy.me Remote Visit Protocol

Step 1. Make an appointment at our office for a Doxy.me remote visit. (972)-875-6700

Step 2. Download the Doxy.me app on your handheld device or go to the Doxy.me website on your computer and bookmark the page

Step 3. Get your Vital signs taken.
The Vitals must be sent to us on an official letter head from the location they were taken.
Fax or E-mail them to familycareclinic@sbcglobal.net or Fax: (972)-875-6790, before your appointment.

Temperature, Pulse, Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Oxygen saturation and BMI,
For adults: Blood pressure plus any other 2 
For children less than 18: Height, weight, plus at least one other

On the day of your appointment go to a local campus clinic, urgent care, minute clinic, PCP or fire station, (if you ask nicely and make a donation) or higi station (Adults Only) The higi station does not check height. We need the height to monitor growth in children.

Step 4. Call our office (972-875-6700) 30 minutes before your appointment and give us your information. Be prepared to give payment over the phone with a credit card.

Step 5. Log in to (https://doxy.me/drlaws) on your handheld device or computer. The device must have a camera.

Step 6. The nurse will log in and review the vital signs with you and then ask you a few questions. 

Step 7. Wait for the Doctor.

Prescriptions will be sent electronically to your pharmacy. 
Virtual Visits are for ADHD, Anxiety and or Depression 
follow-up visits only!
Works with Chrome or Firefox browsers only!
Please answer the following questions regarding your ADHD:
Date of Birth: 
How is your attention? 
How long does each dose last?
What time(s) do you take your medication?
How is your appetite?
Do you have good support form school or work for your ADHD?
Are you getting along well with your family?
Are you getting along well with your friends?
How is your mood?
How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
Would you like to continue your current medications for ADHD?
Will you be needing refills on your ADHD medications today?
Pharmacy Name:
Pharmacy Phone Number:
Will you be needing refills on other medications today?
What side effects are you having from your ADHD  medication?